User manual of Advantech Openstack Platform


1   Information

The distribution installed on the controller/network node and the 4 compute nodes connected to the 10G Network is RedHat 7.2. The two compute nodes connected to the 40G Network have Ubuntu 14.04 installed. The OpenStack version installed is Kilo. It is configured with linuxbridge and vxlan. VA 1.3.0 is installed on two of the compute nodes running RH7.2 and on the two ubuntu compute nodes connected to the 40G network (see Topology diagram).

2   Topology

Here is the topology of the Openstack platform


3   Usage

3.1   Spawning a VM on nodes with 6WIND Virtual Accelerator installed

When spawning a VM on a node with 6WIND Virtual Accelerator installed, select a flavor configured with hugepages attribute. Flavors configured with hugepages have names ending in "_hugepages". for example, the flavors nodisk.xlarge_hugepages, nodisk.xlarge_8GB_hugepages, nodisk.3cores_hugepages and nodisk.tiny_hugepages are configured with the hugepages attribute. If a hugepage flavor is not used, the VM interfaces will be managed by linux (the physical interface is still managed by VA) and performance will be sub-optimal.

3.2   40G Nodes

The two nodes on the 40G network each have a 2 x 40GE Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller XL710 NIC. The 40G network only connects the two Ubuntu machines. These nodes are connected to the 10G network via 10/40 GE switch to provide a common, private network that is normally used for VM connectivity. Because of this, VMs spawned on nodes connected to the 40G network get dhcp-provided IP addresses. VMs spawned on any one of the 40G nodes are able to communicated with any VMs spawned on the 10G nodes.